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Permanent Placement

We are a full service permanent recruiting agency dedicated to finding the most qualified candidate for our clients who require assistance with their recruiting efforts. We are available to discuss your current situation, understand your abilities and interests and help you find that perfect job.

We will negotiate contracts on your behalf.  No need to stress.  We will discuss with you all of your concerns and requests and work diligently to obtain the best contract appropriate for your situation.

We will facilitate licensing, credentialing, travel and interviews as well as relocation and job packages.

Permanent Placement of medical professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent FAQ

Why choose JETT Medical Staffing?

With over 30 years of medical experience and a team with a strong business background, we know what it takes to be a successful staffing agency”. We know the skill sets of all providers and realize the expectations of our hospitals.  We will work relentlessly to find the perfect match.  Whether it’s your first permanent position or a new Locums assignment, we are here for you every step of the way.

What type of Staffing does JETT Medical Staffing provide?

We work with Advanced Practice Providers and Physicians to provide opportunities in a variety of specialties across the country.

What is our mission?

JETT Medical Staffing, LLC, is dedicated to the advancement of the healthcare industry through effective placement of skilled healthcare providers, with a focus on Advanced Practice Providers and Physicians. We strive to foster and maintain long-lasting relationships, with and among our healthcare providers and the physicians and hospitals they serve, through strong and consistent communication, a spirit of mutual respect, and the provision of ongoing and multifaceted support.

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